In 1965, with an initial ingot mould factory, established within a rolling mill in Kağıthane, and an EAF steel mill project, the foundations of DÖKÜM İZABE Müşavirlik ve Mümessillik Ltd could be seen two years later. At that time, there was not a single plant worth mentioning in the foundry industry apart from Türk Demir Döküm and Elektrometal in Kağıthane.

In 1969, we leased the ingot mould foundry mentioned above and started to produce large parts such as the ingot moulds, base plates and slag ladles.


A period of rapid development in Turkey when increasing demand created the establishment of new foundries including Ferro Döküm, Aldıkaçtılar, İral Çelik, Emaş, Burçelik, Anadolu Döküm, DÖKÜM İZABE began to grow at this timerepresenting companies such as Otto Junker, Zimmermann, Stotz, Vogel & Schmmann then followed by DISA, Dr. Kuettner, Didier, Krupp, Concast and other international brand names. Following SORELMETAL (Q.I.T.) representation and distribustionship which were started in 1970, our expansion continued with the representation and distributionship of companies such as ELKEM ans SERS.

In 1971, the foundery moved to our new plant established in Ayazağa.


Döküm İzabe played its part in the rise of the ductile iron production with seminars and technical services in Turkey. The seminars transferred the knowledge and the experience of the producers to the customers, in other words, the buyers, on many issues such as induction furnaces, cupola furnaces, automatic moulding lines, Disametric, refractory materials, fero alloys, inoculants; as well as tracking and directing their applications.
The technical seminars begun in 1970, continued with visits and meetingshighlighting the relationship of universities with the industry. Thus links were established, continuing today, between foundry industry , our sector and ITU Facukty of Metalurgy.
In 1986, we terminated our cast iron production locaated in Ayazağa and converted FERRO METALURJİ A.Ş. into a commercial form, an asset for importing, marketing and warehousing activities.


In the 1990s, Yılmaz Turhan Group of Companies maintained its 50% share in the sector with the general representations and distributoships of about 30 major industrial companies in Turkey. In the new and larger investments, our activities continued with sales and marketing services, all kinds of technical service in both raw material and operation inputs, as well as projects, plants and machinery. The company confirmed its position and expanded its share im all the machinery and equipment from induction and arc furnaces to laboratory furnaces and nodular pig iron, froo alloys, inoculants and refractory materials, which are the most critical inputs of our plants.
Inspite of the economic crisis sufered in mid 1990s, the Turkish Foundation Industry was acklowledged by Western Europe for its capacity, quality and prices.


A combination of the economic crisis in 1998, Gölcük earthquake in 199, bankng sector collapse in 2000, and the financial crisis of 2001 were all overcome by the Turkish foundry industry, which focused on development, investment, export and competition. The production pushed the limits of 1.500.000 tons/year. In export, it continued to successfully compete with the Western World driven by the automotive industry.
Our group of companies DÖKÜM - İZABE Ltd. Şti. (agency and distribution), FERRO METALURJİ A.Ş. (import and marketing) and BÜNSA DÖKÜM ve Malzeme Sanayi (production), continued its balaced, consistent and successful works on a tripod.
We look forward to a reliable future with confidence and firm commitment inspite of the serious financial crisis of 1007/2009. We believe that country and its strong economy shall overcome the crisis with fortitude.


We have a proven track record of almost a half century and the experience gained, together with the economic potential possesed by our group, give us hope for the next decade.

With the projects now on the drawing board, e aim to force new opportunities beyond the Foundry and Metallurgy sectors. By evaluating the chances and resources available, webelieve thar we shall experience a rapid, consistent and reliable growth preiod in the near future.

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